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The last 10 years has seen a huge increase in the number of mothers leaning towards self employment. According to the Office for National Statistic the number self-employed mothers has increased by a total of 54 per cent since 2008. The increase is driven largely by the motivation to be able to earn a living whilst being flexible to manage the day to day challenges of being a mother. The continued growth of online shopping has also managed to breakdown a lot of barriers to entry thus making it now even easier than before to start a business. 

Whilst it is easier than ever before to start a business, it is still as overwhelming as ever to do it alone and this is where our support comes in.

Our Enterprise Programs for start up business are completely free. It is primarily aimed at lone mothers aged between 18-55* who are unemployed or on low income and interested in exploring the possibilities of becoming self employed and getting support to set their business off the ground.

We provide: 

  • 6 months free business training and mentoring

  • Small dedicated and focused groups  

  • Access to one-to-one experienced mentors

  • Regular seminars and workshops on SEO, affiliate marketing, social media, web development plus more

  • Help with research for finances such as budgeting, crowdfunding, 

  • Offering resources for outsourcing talent and help with office space

  • Personal development sessions to draw from transferable life skills 

  • Monthly networking and business development events     



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